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NR-1 Kit Contents

The NR-1 kit is a full resin/lasercut/brass etch kit. Besides a large number of small cast resin parts, you get white metal propellers, laser cut pieces, a brass etch fret with many fine details, the top casing, and the main hull complete with every rivet! The small parts are provided in three bags, A-C.

The ocean floor base is available as an optional extra as is the wooden base and acrylic cover. Due to the incredibly detailed nature of this model a full assembly manual (10 pages), Picture reference pages (10 more pages!), and a complete photo layout of the identified parts (3 pages) is provided with the kit so that no stone is left unturned. Below are images showing the photo layout images. They are smaller than as provided in the instructions but give an idea as to the level of understanding of the Kit we are trying to provide


Overall View of parts


Laser Cut parts detail


Cast Parts Detail

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