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This deep submergence vehicle is the first and only of its kind to use nuclear power. Launched back in 1969, NR-1 has been a Navy Deep Submergence Vehicle that has demonstrated the ability to remain submerged for extreme periods of time. When the Challenger was lost, bad weather plagued recovery efforts and all of the rescue ships had to return to port. NR-1 remained on station, deep below continuing to photograph and survey the impact field. We were asked to create an NR-1 model that was unparalleled in detail and appeal. To that end, we put every plate, rivet, bolt hole, and light on the models. The imagery that follows gives an idea of the levels of detail we went to for this rendering of this venerable boat.

Fine detail was accomplished using acid etched brass fittings that we drew up intially and sent to an etching house for final etched parts. The entire NR-1 was drawn in CAD first from plans and imagery, and then the physical model pattern constructed.

NR-1 is Available as a finished model, OR as a kit!

Interested in the Kit ? See Kit Contents Here!

Starboard View of finished model. Base is a simulated ocean floor with lighting

Low angle view of Starboard bow area. The brass etched gratings are the thruster duct covers for the forward pair of bow thrusters. There is a similar pair of rear thrusters as well.

Looking down into the sail. There is a windshield on the sail of NR-1 which shows in this view as well as the very detailed hatch inside of the sail.

Starboard sail arrangement showing details. Discoloration on the sail is a photographic artifact.

Stern arrangement. Rear quartet of thruster gratings are visible here (2 visible)

Starboard view looking down on the bow to illustrate the lines of the boat. The conical webbing in the center of the image is the tow ball capture gear, as NR-1 is towed to and from port by a mother vessel.

Starboard Bow shot closeup showing the level of detail. In this one shot can be seen the two etched brass bow thruster gratings with thruster ducts beneath, etched brass light cover grating just above and to the left of the lower thruster grating, the conical capture web "Cow Catcher" left of center with its support gusset, tow ball track above the web leading to capture gear on top deck, raised detail panels, lugs, rivets, weld seams, doppler sonar sticking out of the forward bottom of the bow, plus the top casing with bits of engraved detail. And that is just this one small section that isn't as highly detailed as other parts of the model!


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