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USS Virginia Submarines... many of them

As FX Models has been considered a submarine technology able company we continue to do a large share of submarine related work. Other types of projects like the LPD-17 and our various Land and Space related work illustrates our far reaching ability but if it is below the water's surface, we usually get that call too. As far as the Virginia Class Submarine program, we have been involved in the program since its inception.

In this series of images taken over several recent projects, we feature the latest fast attack submarine and namesake of the class, the USS Virginia. These models were by and large commissioned for DOD projects and have been created in numerous scales such as 1/192, 1/96, 1/64, and 1/48 scale! The 1/64 scale is discussed elsewhere on the site so we left that one off of this compendium list.

Our favorite scale of this submarine class is 1/96. At just around 4 feet long it lends itself very well to Radio Control for one thing, and as such we will begin offering a hull kit soon. Further, the types of projects we have done some of which we cannot show include sectionals which show the ship in various stages of construction with lots of inner details and eye candy that keeps people looking. If we can clear some of the sectional imagery we will post it because it is really neat!

This boat in every scale is fully detailed, and is made of various materials including Urethane Resins and Epoxy/Fiberglass for strength and resilience.


This boat is just about 8 feet long and 8.5 inches in diameter at 1/48 scale! For this particular model, the sail is designed to be lifted off to ease transport constraints... This model is meant to be of the USS Virginia SSN774.


Here is another 1/48 scale Visual Effects version completed in May 2004 that has had torpedo tube hardware and Vertical Launch system hardware installed for use by a VFX house that is shooting a national commercial spot. Both the model here and the one above in the first picture boast intricate detail all over the hull matching detail on the actual submarine. Not visible on this model are the soundstage armature mounts and access hatches on the bottom held in with supermagnets to allow access to the inner hardware. This model is meant to be the USS Texas, SSN775.[Matt, one of our modelmakers who worked hard on this project was asked to take a bow.... or stern in this case... <sorry>]


USS Virginia in 1/96 scale in museum quality. We have done a number in this scale. It is convenient and practical for most display and Radio Control purposes as well. The model is approximately 4 feet long, studded with detail, and was produced as a boardroom model for a very large contractor in the Virginia Submarine program. It is also meant to be covered by the clear case behind it. The cover has a protective film on it in this image and is otherwise perfectly clear.


Another view of the boardroom model showing the high detail a little better. VLS hatches, rotated cleats, ballast tank vents, hatches, draft markings, and more are all visible.


We have done a number, actually QUITE a number of 1/192 scale Virginia class submarine models. Detail, taken from shipyard plans and visits to the boat in the shipyard provided indisputable details, all cleared for public release of course, for this model. This model was requested without draft markings and ship numbers, and was taken using a flash to accentuate detail.


A full starboard view of the 1/192 Virginia model. The aft hatches appear higher than they actually are due to lighting.


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