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TARDIS (The Making Of...)

Here are some images to show the making of the TARDIS. Several people suggested that perhaps the reason the TARDIS model looked like wood was because it was created from wood and we were joking about the acrylic. Well, since this was going to be a lamp, we could not use wood for safety reasons so in fact it had to be acrylic. No lamp inside would have meant that it could be wood... but... hey, who wants a TARDIS that doesnt light up?!


The TARDIS walls were laser cut and taped together to get fitting out accomplished. The top flat panel with the 'X' engraved on it was just to help locate center for the light that would end up being drilled and put through the top.

There were many separate pieces to the model, all necessary to achieve the recessed panels and framing.

Window frames in 1/32 acrylic recess nicely into the TARDIS window.

Roof peak was created like the real one... frames were created and then sheeted with Styrene. This was the only place on the model that utilized styrene.

Primer goes on the model in the painting area. The model was painted inside and out with an extra heavy primer whose purpose is simply to kill light leaks through the acrylic.

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