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The Mastering of a Submarine Model


Finished 1/192 Seawolf on Painting Stand


The model making process at FX Models takes several forms. We extensively use CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) to build initial cyber-models of the boats that will eventually take physical form. These models on the computer are also re-used for animations for the Navy as well so nothing is wasted.  

The Master model is the very first one created.  This meticulous effort involves taking the accurate drawings that were created on the computer and creating a basic hull form, and then the small parts that comprise the rest of the model. 

The photos below  pick up the process after the small parts have been created, after the laser cutter templates are cut, and the engraving process has begun.  




Laser Cut Engraving Templates are created and cut

Templates for Engraving are attached to the model

Multi-layer  Clear Template is put in Place for Hatches

Master Underway (top deck engraving in place)

Towed array is a laser sliced piece of styrene tubing 

that is sanded and affixed to the master. 


Side Detail Placement of the Wide Aperture Arrays. They are

not yet faired into the main hull as they should be. 


Stern Detail Test Fit. The masters are created with pre-drilled

holes that reproduce in the molds allowing quick building of the model.

Small Mastered Parts Prior to molding. Note the shroud on the lower right.

This was turned on the lathe and is a very delicate piece in the Urethane

Tooling board that we use for our masters.  In resin, it is a very strong part.


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