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Submarines Galore!


This page shows a number of submarines we have done for various clients. We thought it would be interesting to see where this business takes you sometimes. The images that show many different submarines in one shot gives an idea of the type of chaos we see all the time!


Numerous subs including (clockwise from left) ALVIN, U-Boat,

Trieste (for BBC Production), Balao class boat


This type VII-C U-Boat was created from another model company's 

kit (32nd Parallel). We just loved how Simon and Sheila Smith tooled this 

kit so we had to have one of our own! Just because we make models 

doesn't mean we don't buy from other model makers! It currently

sits on one of our display shelves for all to see. 


7 foot Balao class WW2 Submarine. This was a fully operational model , 

here shown underway and later purchased by the Naval War College 

Museum in Newport, and placed on permanent display. 



12 Foot Fiberglass Ohio  Class Submarine Created  For a Defense Client



This image and the next show a 'fleet' being readied for various clients. 

There are 21 submarines in this image, of classes:  Seawolf, Nautilus, Ohio, and  688. 

The models shown are in 1/350 scale and 1/192 scale


Another shot from behind of the various models. 

The Seawolf boats with one completed one on the far right,

 are in the lower right of the image.


This set of Seawolf Class boats (USS CONNECTICUT SSN22) are being readied for delivery. 

FX Models is the official USS Connecticut Commissioning Committee model maker. 

The only thing missing in this image are the clear acrylic covers for each boat.

Each plaque is laser engraved with sponsor and boat data. 


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