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USS George Washington FBM Submarine

(SSBN 598)

Finished Model Page

These pictures of the finished model are meant to show the level of quality of the finished models that FX Models creates. Enjoy.

Here we see master and finished model behind


Another similar view

Bow high view showing forward detail.

Starboard view of sail. SSBN598 had a very interesting sail/top deck configuration as can be seen here.


The missile deck of the model. Note the relief detail. This area of the model is very nicely detailed.

The starboard rear missile deck area showing draft markings and ship name.

The tail section of the boat.

The bow of the boat. Note the torpedo tube doors visible above and below the color division.

Finished sail with masts in place from Starboard side.

Longer shot of the starboard side showing the overall lines of the sail and top deck with masts in the sail.

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