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Space 1999 Eagle Transporter

What is it that weighs around 55 pounds, is made of resin, brass and aluminum, uses lots of spare parts from several types of spacecraft kits (such as the 1/24 scale Gemini from Revell), and would have been MUCH easier to scratch build than use the non-pressurized castings from the model kit? Thats right, a giant Eagle Transporter kit that we were asked to build for a client! If you recall, Space 1999 was a fairly popular series from the Gerry Andersen era. You remember the story right? A huge explosion kicks the Earth's moon out of its orbit, sending it hurtling into open space. The adventures of the moonbase Alpha crew ensue and the series goes on and on. One has to forgive the lack of science in that concept and just enjoy the series for what it is. It brought us interesting spacecraft designs and cool plot lines that to this day intrigue a great many people.

The Eagle Transporter kit was quite a mess when it arrived. There were many parts that were unusable due to the quick casting that was done without using any kind of vacuum or pressure. Most of the detail parts were discarded and recreated from model parts out of the original kits that were used to detail the studio versions of the Eagle models.

After we were finished working on this model, it looked much more like a studio model than it would have, with a lot of added detail replacing the attempted castings of detail that came with the kit. Panel detail was painted onto the model and we added detail that is less than 1mm across to help enhance the scale effectiveness of the model. Take a look at these shots to see how the finished Eagle came out. Let us know what you think....and oh, sorry for slamming the series a bit... Truth is, we have seen every episode a number of times!

FX Models acquired hundreds of Eagle photos from hundreds of sources and we thank Wasili Angelopoulos for compiling a HUGE collection for us for this project. You can see Wasili's model talents shine at his website.

Special kudos goes to our model chief Ed Miarecki for his efforts on this difficult project. The final model would not look as beautiful as it does without his incredible efforts. Go to his web site! Buy his props! Go now!

Stern detail area of the Eagle

Oblique view of the eagle.


Cargo pod. Window frames and ribbed details were all rebuilt from scratch with lasercutter and stock styrene textures.

Close up of cockpit showing subtle panel detail including shaded panels in grey, and pencil line detail as on original studio models.

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