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Seawolf, the latest Nuclear Attack Submarine of the United States Navy is a sleek, quiet hunter killer. FX Models was asked to create a super detailed model of this submarine for a Department of Defense Contractor. The model was very well received and we set about receiving permissions to offer the kit for sale to the public as a Radio Control sub kit. We are proud to offer Seawolf to the modeling community.


Fiberglass/Resin items:

Top and Bottom half of the hull with exquisite scribed detail and an indexing lip all the way around. (Fiberglass)
Exceptionally detailed sail with all mast exits and panel lines (Resin)
Resin Cast Stern propulsor shroud
Resin cast Horizontal stabilizers, Rudders, and Dihedrals


NOTE: A fully watertight self contained electronics and propulsion package is available for this kit.
Ask for details...


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