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One REALLY Big Seaview

(1/48 Scale "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" Submarine)

When he was asked to create a large Seaview model for a client, Ed Miarecki, an FX Models senior modelmaker, drew up for lasercutting, the control room in all its intricacy, radar dish, ballast vents, missile hatches, crew doors and hatches, and various other pieces of the model. FX Models was asked to take part in creating this masterpiece of a display model by providing the laser services. The Seaview model is over 8 feet long, and has a complete (and we mean COMPLETE) control room with working computer display, other lighting and exceptional detail, much of which was lasercut. The control room could very well be a kit the way it was designed, and scaled for different sized Seaview models. Enjoy these photos that we took of the finished model .

NOTE: The above photo is NOT a composite image. The model looks exactly like you see it here in-camera with its lights, interior and all.

Port Side view of the model. Limber holes on the sides were laser cut panels

Port Side sail showing laser cut crew doors and dished radar array. Radar array was a vacu-formed curved piece that was then lasercut for the structure.

Another view of the sail from starboard, this time showing better the curvature of the radar array, and the missile hatches and limber hole details that were cut.

Top down view of the sail (for completeness!) Ed used the periscopes as light switches... Clever Ed...

Closing in on the nose of the submarine...

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