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SAMI The Robot

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The following images are earlier SAMI performances

SAMI with Chelsea Clinton at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution where he spent 3 hours with the First Daughter at the time and gave her a tour of the complex. SAMI was brought in by EDS Corporation for the event.


Senator Strom Thurmond poses with SAMI on another night of events at the Information Age Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History.

Congressman Dingle is delighted to talk with SAMI. SAMI just finished dispensing the Information Age Exhibit map seen in the Congressman's hand.

Another literature distribution opportunity.


SAMI at a Trade Show held in a shopping mall. Here we had SAMI filled with information both verbal and on robot-distributed literature that helped our client sell windows! SAMI was instrumental in bringing potential clients to the client booth and a number of them purchased product as a result of the combined marketing effort of SAMI and salesperson in the booth.

At that same Trade Show breaking up some of the people from the Wireless Services group. SAMI noticed that one of them had an earpiece and wire dangling and asked him if he was a robot too.

SAMI working for Loctite corporation at the world's largest hardware show held in Chicago. He introduced buyers to new products and gave them educational information about the product lines. He also did on-camera interviews with a national Home and Garden TV show that was represented there.

SAMI just after the doors opened. He talked to well over 1500 people in the two days he attended the Hardware Show.

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