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SAMI The Robot

With a long history and a client list that reads like a Who's Who of Corporate America, SAMI the Robot has literally entertained tens of thousands of people over the years since his creation and activation. This SAMI unit, and the Proto unit, a more recent endeavor of ours have been all over the country doing everything from scripted and unscripted presentations for large corporations to working for the First Family in Washington DC. SAMI's versatility is rooted in his origins. Created by a small group of magicians originally, SAMI is the perfect illusion and consumate Master of Ceremonies, Guest Speaker, or All-around-Roll-around Human Interaction Specialist. Talking to SAMI is unlike anything one can ever experience. It is like meeting the future head-on, except that this future has a sense of humour and at the same time a very touching personality!

He does what a robot cannot do, yet noone can and has ever figured out how he DOES it!

SAMI is not a remote controlled machine where an operator stands off to the side and talks for, and controls, the machine. SAMI is the product of 6+ years of R&D to achieve the best illusion available today for robotic entertainment.

SAMI's name is an acronym which stands for Sales And Merchandising Informer, a salesperson by any other name, and as such, he has closed deals for companies while acting on their behalf at trade shows, corporate retreat gatherings, or even in a car dealership parking lot!

SAMI has been used in/on:


Corporate Board rooms

TV Stations

Talk Shows

Radio Stations



Trade Shows


Magic Shows


Corporate Retreats

The Smithsonian Institution

The US Congress



Chamber of Commerce gatherings

and more!

There is no tiring out SAMI or his crew. Upon arrival at a performance location, SAMI can be'hot' (ready to go) and can leave his specially designed transport van by himself and begin performing even before he leaves the ramp if that is desireable. At other times, he is secreted to a performance location where he is unveiled at an appropriate time where the element of surprise is necessary. Total time to activate him is less than 3 minutes from arrival.

To get messages across to people SAMI uses the gift of gab, either scripted or unscripted as alluded to above, plus he carries signs on his exterior that can be designed by the client or by our own graphic design group. SAMI is also tailored to distribute literature in a brochure style format so that after delivering product information verbally, he can follow up with a piece of takeaway literature for prospective clients. Finally, his all-star presence is complemented by a sound system that allows him to play messages and music, create sound effects, and do 80+ impressions of cartoon characters and people!

SAMI is a clean machine. He doesn't do off-color humour, is hilariously witty and extremely spontaneous. Watching him probe a crowd is unforgettable as he brings them out to dance (YES he does dance!) or converse in a way that they do not soon forget. For some corporate resorts, SAMI is written into the contract by the resort's corporate clients as a 'must have' as a contingency for attendance! When asked to come to museums, SAMI gives very complete tours of exhibits and of course is VERY knowledgable of most subject matter!

If you are interested in more information about SAMI or would like booking information, and show schedules please dont hesitate to call or write us! SAMI is the official FX Models.comBOT and does publicity tours around the country.

Below are some interesting images from various SAMI The Robot appearances.

SAMI at a statewide home show. He was representing a consortium of businesses. He tirelessly interacted with people and engaged in lively conversations, as well as handed out [through his literature distribution slot], information for patrons.

Sometimes SAMI is free-roaming. Here is an example. He was rolling around at a large vehicle exhibition and picking and choosing people and groups of people with whom to interact. He can read, see colors, and respond intelligently, leaving people in mystery as to how he does it.

SAMI at another show on behalf of ESPN. Some shows are large, some are small. We have show pricing for most event types.

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