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Research (continued)


Thunderbirds! This and the next image to the right were shot from on top of the Hangars at the Air Force Base where the Thunderbirds were performing at an all military airshow.

Knock knock.....


Boomer, SSBN 740, Ohio class submarine at launch in Groton CT.

Same but wider shot from floodgate in foward end of dock

Can you see the Stealth Fighter? How about the U-2 Spyplane? Both later flew during the two day events.

Duck!!! Low flyby by a P-51 at Quonset Naval Air Station. There is nothing quite like the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin engine pulling that aircraft by you at 200 knots.


Active duty bridge of the John F Kennedy aircraft carrier. On right, Kevin Allen (glasses), photographer for FX Models, on the wrong side of the camera for once. Guy in tie? Friend who came along for the ride.

Goin' up! Did I neglect to mention how fast aircraft carrier elevators move? I used to be 6' 2"... Now... I am 5' 10"...


The view from the Air Boss' back office

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