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Who said building a model had to be boring! Producing a model that contains detail and accuracy requires diligent attention and research. The staff of FX Models takes the requirements gathering process very seriously. To that end we take our own imagery wherever possible during the requirements gathering phase. As such, acquisitions can take us far away... and way up high!!!

These images are a very small sample illustrating our 'on-assignment' imagery that we typically obtain to accurately render a model, whether it be digital or physical.


USS Independence (CVN 62) in St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Lighthouse in New Haven CT

Full of hot air over Bristol CT

Their ride is over for the morning

Business end of the F-117. Looking at this aircraft, one assumes it simply cannot fly looking the way it does... oh but it DOES fly...

Not me... its a perfectly good airplane! The windspeed in the door was 225 Knots, and the temperature was below zero at 12,500 feet whereas it was 91 on the ground at the Air Force Base. (Golden Knights, US Army skydiving team.)

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