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Ohio Class Submarine

Scale = 1/192

We created this 1/192 model of the Ohio class submarine because we wanted to have a model that was in scale with the rest of the models in our chosen scale of 1/192. Whereas the 688i Flight II and Flight III boat models that we make are just about 24" in length, this impressive boomer is 36" in length to scale with it. The Ohio class model in this scale shows as much detail as we are allowed to show, and is truly a model that those who served aboard would appreciate as well as those who admire submarines in general.

The photos on this page show the master when it was being finished up. Molds were created and the submarine is in full production and selling like hotcakes!

Click the link below to see imagery of a finished model!

Show me the Finished Model!!!

This image shows the components of the master laid out prior to laser engraving of detail. Accurate shipyard plans ensured proper placement of details

Small parts laid out prior to engraving of detail in sail

Alignment on the laser bed for engraving (aft ballast tank vents in this case)

Post engraved master components

Pre-cleanup and post engrave. This is what it looks like right as it comes off the laser. Residual brown residue is remnants of primer paint and urethane tooling material used to make the pattern. Once cleaned, the lines are crisp, perfect and cleeeeeeeaaannn!!!

Post engraving view of the sail and forward deck and prior to detail cleanup

Couldnt resist just assembling it to see the overall look. Fins were not indexed yet so they could not be attached for the photo. As of this writing, that is all done and the entire master is ready for molding

What the...!!! We had to play around and put the 1/350 sail on the 1/192. My that is a BIGGGGG boat!!! All in fun of course!

Show me the Finished Model!!!
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