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NSSN (Virginia Class Submarine)

Scale 1:64


We were commissioned to create a 1:64 scale NSSN. We did so using fiberglass and urethanes, using drawings provided. The stern section is still a matter of security so for public release we placed a 'button' on it in place of any type of propulsion assembly. 



Assembled NSSN on blocks for final filleting of seam areas


NSSN on painting and assembly stand


This image shows subtle RAISED detail to complement

the recessed and engraved detail


Chin Array being filleted into place.  (Boat 

is upside down in the image


Subtle raised detail in place. All details were laser cut. (pre-paint)


Hatch detail is plentiful and subtle. Panel lines are

laser cut in this pre-paint image.


Three images (two above one below) showing the model prior to mounting on final display stand.

Note the clear 'button' supplanting any propulsion renderings.

That was done under orders and was not left to our discretion.



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