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Lafayette Class SSBN Submarine

Scale 1:192

We created the USS Sam Rayburn, a Lafayette class submarine for a client. This page is meant to show the construction process and finished model. The model was turned on a lathe first to basic shape, and then hand sculpted to final cross-sectional form. Master copies of the planes and rudders were created using plastics and pinned so that indexing in the final model is instantaneous. Once we were ready with the CAD files of the boat detail, we lasercut the details into the masters and prepared them for molding. Molds were created of the masters after all details were engraved, and copies made from the molds.

Research Note...

The FX Models Research network is quite extensive. For this project, Research Associate Paul Gonsalves in conjunction with the staff of FX Models carried out exhaustive and detailed fact finding in order to obtain not just a rendering of a Lafayette class boat, but of THE Sam Rayburn. Right down to mast details, we had a very complete packet of material and plans once we were ready to proceed. Such is the case with all of our projects. You will see more of Paul's research work on future projects.

See Finished Model photos


Bow Casing View from Starboard

Tail surfaces in place for alignment test

Sail Planes (Sail is being milled currently and will be available shortly for imaging)

Stern Casing and top deck. Top Deck is currently an insert as it needs to have intricate laser engraving best served as an off-model piece to be integrated later.

Tail view showing pin mates, and turned prop hub. Prop has yet to be built in this view.

Top deck without insert, showing the milled well within which the deck will lie

Image showing the Bustle and a bit of the laser engraving on the top deck.

Another shot looking forward at the Bustle

"Buick Holes" or ECM countermeasure holes just forward of the Sail location. Depth is shallow to keep molding simple. As it turned out, these profiles were incorrect and we corrected them in the final version of the boat.

Looking aft from the bow transducer on the master. Note the forward casing transition to the front of the boat. It is very very subtle as on the real boat.

Master Rudders showing assembly pins

Horizontal tail planes. Note that towed array has not yet been added to the starboard horizontal at this point. 


Sail image showing planned mast locations pre-drilled for molding. Note Radio Sextant antenna dome center sail.


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