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Lafayette Class SSBN Submarine

Scale 1:192

Finished Model Photo Page

This page shows finished photos of the Lafayette class boat USS Sam Rayburn.

Port Side name also showing stern casing beginning to blend back into main hull. Also noted is the fine detail for the deck serpentine rail, non-skid dieck and the towed array exiting the stern superstructure at extreme right.

Starboard side showing Bustle just ahead of the name. Also note the missile hatch covers, serpentine rail, and non-skid deck.

Starboard side view of the Rayburn showing draft markings, masts, 'buick holes' and other details.

Stern view showing the 7-bladed prop, towed array exit and control surfaces.

Stern view looking forward showing draft markings, stern fairlead, non-skid deck and towed array sweeping back toward the tail out of view


A bow down view showing bow fairlead, transducer, non-skid and other details

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