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Custom Work


Much of what we do is in the form of client requested contract work. The staff of FX Models have official ties to the United States Government and as such we do a lot of work directly for the Navy and Defense Contractors.  Below are just a few of the models associated with projects that we can show publicly.  Projects that we cannot show are either due to National Security reasons or due to client requests.

Brain Heads!  
Restaurant Makeover Solar System  
USS Dolphin (AGSS-555)  
1/32 Scale Nautilus interior  
Creating our Computer Animation Suite  
Large Solar System Project  
DSRV Mystic  
Many USS Virginias!  
SSN23 Jimmy Carter  
NR-1 Submarine  
LPD-17 Take 2!  
8.5 Foot Seaview  

Space 1999 44" Eagle  
The Classic Dogsled  
Shipping Containers  
Lafayette Class SSBN  

NSSN (Virginia Class Submarine)

Battlestar Galactica Models


Large Scale Solar System Model


Nautilus (Disney)


Flash Gordon Ship


Submarines Galore!


Miscellaneous Models

Special Note:

People ask us how we are able to obtain such accurate renderings of our models. For submarines and other real subjects, we have assembled a formidable research network over the years . This network provides us with the answers we need on virtually any subject. Whether we can share that information fully or not is a burden we must live with. Here we provide you with a view of our Resources so you can see a sample of the type of information we typically gather for model making assignments. We are in the process of getting additional photo archives cleared for public display - Marc FX Models 4/19/04.    

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