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In a Word... Expertise

We pride ourselves on delivering models that meet or exceed the expectations of our clients. We use materials and technology that fit the budget of our clients' needs but are no strangers to advanced technologies. Often, we are asked to do our own research to accomplish projects. Our huge network of resources allows us to carry out work efficiently. Further, and perhaps foremost, we do NOT believe in delays, have never missed a deadline, and never blown a budget.
Perhaps some of our clients' own words put it best:

"tireless enthusiasm and expertise did much to ensure the success of our filming." 

"did [their] own detailed research and produced, -in a limited timeframe- excellent   replicas..."

"will stick to dates and commitments and will provide a product that will equal, or surpass, the expectations of customers..."  

-Jeremy Marre, Producer/Director BBC Television London: Series: "Nautilus" Spring 1996 Release on A&E

"[FX Models] really understands the Film Process so we were able to get this whole thing set up as if by remote control from across the Atlantic."

"a constant source of enthusiasm and cooperation."

  -Alex Marengo, Director Oxford Television London: Series: "Deep Oceans: Ocean Voyagers" Summer 1997 Release on the Discovery Channel/Learning Channel



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