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Draconia Restoration Page



Overall View of the Draconia


Marc and Jody D'Antonio of FX Models with Mo Vaughn

As part of a program initiated by Boston Red Sox player Mo Vaughn and in conjunction with Universal Studios, Florida,  we refurbished one of Television's most detailed and interesting spacecraft miniatures: the Draconia from the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series. Draconia was in VERY bad shape on arrival but much work was done as some of these photos show. There was much damage and a long way to go...

Detail area showing typical detail loss (white exposed areas)


Draconia bridge area (held on by gentle ties until we would attach it later)

Detail area showing years of weathering's affect on the 'onion dome' structures that used to be a more bright gold color.


Wing detail missing front 1 inch of area (Reconstructed using styrene plate)


Another beautiful detail area that luckily just needed a little cleaning!


Detail of front fork  showing extensive damage. The fork is now completely repaired.

More Draconia Restoration Photos


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