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Iditarod Classic

This 1/8 scale representation of a classic dogsled was created to commemorate those who take part in the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The very first run originated out of necessity when a serum in short supply was needed to inoculate residents of Nome Alaska in 1925 to halt an outbreak of diptheria. Foul weather prevented aircraft from getting out of an originating airport in Fairbanks so Sled Dog teams rushed the serum to Nome almost 700 miles away. Residents received the medicine 128 hours later.

Today the race covers more than 1049 miles and mushers make the distance over a two to three week span.

The Iditarod commemorates this historic mission of salvation, and this Iditarod Classic sled commemorates those who took part then, and take part now, in reliving the adventure.

This all hardwood, hand assembled Dogsled is finished in light oak with hand wrapped handles and wooden members. The weathered appearance makes this dogsled a handsome display item and is a limited edition FX Models release.

This image shows the overall dimensions of the sled reproduction allowing a glimpse at the back end detail as well.

The non-slip pattern on the foot rests is actually cut out of the foot rest plates! In this view

the hand wrapped joints are also more clearly seen.

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