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CVN 65 USS Enterprise 

Aircraft Carrier

Scale 1:350


We do some very exciting work for Atomic Power Laboratories around the country. One asked us to create several models, one of which is shown here as it is a very interesting subject.  This model was created using many commercially available components but was super-detailed with  etched brass and custom laser cutting.



A pair of examples of the laser etch detailed aircraft, an F-14 Tomcat (L) and F-18 Hornet aircraft in 1/350 scale.  The originals had very little detail. We drew up the panel lines in CAD and etched directly onto the planes using the laser cutter.  Molded plastic Cockpit windscreens were removed and created anew using transparent resin with a slight blue tint

Bow on view (distorted from telephoto lens) of the Enterprise showing the fragmentary air wing. We were asked to show only two of each representative aircraft on the carrier. 


Port Bow low angle view 

Port side Island view. Radars and railings are all etched brass.

Port side elevated view of island. Subtle airbrushed shading on the island is not very visible with this 75dpi image but one F-18 is visible on the lower starboard elevator.

Starboard side elevated view of the flight deck with a Hawkeye coming in and attempting to catch the first wire. The flight deck carries much subtle shading and wheel  marks from tow-motors and aircraft. 

Starboard elevated view showing one F-14 on the cat with another lining up. Railings are not very visible in this shot but are there. Again it is all etched brass. 

Overall Starboard view. Model is mounted on a large oak base.

One more overall view aft looking forward on the Starboard side