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Recent Credits
We continue to have a number of very interesting opportunities. Here are just a few of our projects of late and clients for whom we did the work. The type of work we have done for them is representative of our diverse capabilities.

"Submarines of the Cold War" multi-hour mini-series for History Channel/German TV

FX Models in conjunction with CG partner Chrome City Studios was asked to create several animated scenes for an upcoming program premiering in Europe that tackles the mysterious role of the submarine during the cold war. We created the digital models for several submarines, created and lighted digital sets, animated, and composited effects, providing finished animation sequences for a number of elements of the program.


"The Universe Below" 3 hour mini-series for Discovery Channel/Oxford TV

FX Models was asked to create 6 miniatures of submarines, several of which were operational. ALVIN was rented and featured in this production as well. We also created large scale underwater sets for this series on submarine technology growth. We rigged the underwater sets in an effects tank locally, and operated the miniatures for this mini series. Watch for "The Universe Below" on The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel.




  "Nautilus" 5 Hour Mini-Series for the BBC/A&E

We created several operational miniature submarines at our modelshop and operated them over in London for this mini-series. We also executed underwater camera work as well on miniature underwater sets.
Check out "Nautilus" playing on A&E, and the History channel.



Go Behind the Scenes on the above two productions!



General Dynamics Corporation

FX Models has created over 100 models for this major defense contractor ranging from 12 foot long reproductions of submarines to small desktop craft on solid oak bases to custom battlespace scenario models. 



The White House

We were hired to entertain Chelsea Clinton in Washington. To execute the task we used a 45 inch tall 400 pound special effects fully interactive robot that we had previously created named SAMI  and gave her a tour of the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History. Later in the year we were brought back to entertain all the members of Congress, and the following year came in to entertain all of the Foreign Ambassadors with our effects robots. Currently SAMI, our primary robot is on display via Kodak Photo CD at EDS Corporation's Information Age Exhibit at the National Museum of American History in Washington. The SAMI unit's super secret design and operation remains a mystery to the Secret Service to this day...and no, it is NOT a radio controlled or remote controlled device.

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