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This is a partial list of our clients that we have worked for recently. The work is a mix of special effects work and physical model work. 


United States Joint Chiefs, Washington D.C
Bath Iron Works, Bath Maine
Curtiss Wright Flow Control Corporation
Northrop Grumman / Newport News

 General Dynamics/Electric Boat


Nautilus Memorial Museum (Official Model makers of SSN 571)


USS Connecticut (SSN22) Commissioning Committee 

Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC), Newport

NUWC Museum, Keyport, Washington


Naval War College Museum


Lockheed Martin, Undersea Systems (Virginia), Space Systems (Sunnyvale)


Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Acoustic Research Detachment, Carderock, MD


Smithsonian Institution / EDS, Washington, DC


The United States Congress (Submarine project)


The Foreign Ambassadors to the United States (various) 


United States Navy (Submarine Group TWO, plus various SSBN's, Wyoming, Louisiana, Kentucky, Nebraska, et al) 


GMD/Japan Research Laboratory Kitakyushu Japan (AUV Design and Consultation)


The History Channel w/ Oxford Television London


The Learning Channel w/ The British Broadcasting Corporation


Boston Red Sox/Universal Studios




Sagamore Resort, Lake George New York.


Scottsdale Conference Resort, Scottsdale Arizona (SAMI the Robot)


Phoenician Hotel, Phoenix Arizona ( SAMI the Robot)


Loctite corporation


US Congress (SAMI the Robot)


Named in National Science Foundation Award with Yale, and Princeton Universities. (Underwater 3D-Fish motion study)


Yellow Freight Systems


Sears Corporation


Pepperidge Farm

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