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Behind the Scenes


Shooting a movie or television documentary is exhausting work with little time to sleep or eat! Here are some shots to illustrate the atmosphere on and off the set, from construction to testing to filming. All in a weeks work!

On the Fly modifications and testing... All part of the business!


Modular model design allows access to electronics that run the lighting


Pre-Filming testing of the ALVIN submersible. Jeff of Chrome City Studios (See "Who Are We") isn't above getting all wet to help test the submersible systems!


The Trieste submarine prior to weathering (Built in one week). All lighting and motors were contained within the shell of the boat. Access to the electronics was via the top weather housing (red striped boxy structure)


Golf class submarine wreck (A quickie, built in 1 day!)


Sheeting the Trieste and testing lighting systems


At Work in the Shop

Visible: Trieste core (Center standing), ALVIN (left), and Golf class sub wreckage underway (in front of Gary at right!)


On-Set preparations with ALVIN (Front removed showing interior)