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Finished ALVIN Research Submersible Photos

This page shows images of a finished ALVIN. This model is a fully functional model and has been weathered to scale. The ALVIN kit builds into a Radio Controlled kit that has no exposed control horns or rods so that the entire operating gear is hidden within the confines of the model shell. The realism attained with this design is very very high. This was why the model has been used on several television documentaries as is, with no post-production effects required to enhance its realism. It moves in a scale way, and looks as real as it gets without obtaining a real submersible!

Front View. Note the parting line for hull (horizontal line passing through area where remote manipulator arm is located.) which is located exactly as in the real submersible. Also visible is one of the two lower lights to the left of the manipulator arm.


Side view of the finished model. The ALVIN model weighs approximately 20 pounds dry.

Shroud and 5 bladed Prop. Shroud and prop swing left and right for steerage as on the 1969 variant of the ALVIN.

Close up of sonar and camera canisters on the top deck area. Also visible are the tie downs, non skid deck plates, and video camera housing (right side).

Sail lights are very bright and allow the ALVIN model to be run at night in pools, clear ponds, and lakes. Another pair of lights are low on the forward section as well and can be seen in other images on this page.Lights are remotely operated in this version.

Top down view showing the interesting non-skid pattern characteristic of this submersible at that point in its history (around 1970). Also visible is the entry hatch on top of the sail, climbing rungs, side thrusters, and diver's platform behind the sail.

This detail image shows the Current Meter (red windmill based device), and upper sail spotlights.




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