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Cool Projects!

Because of the nature of how the machine works, you can grow very cool things... On this page see some of those outrageous constructions!

Nearly finished 'impossible construction' piece. Just wait and see what it is... Scroll down...

Dewaxed piece. Its a drilled out ball, which is hollow, inside a sphere made of the 'wire' segments. This was made just as you see it. The ball rattles around inside, loosely and seemingly impossibly, as it is all one piece and built this way. The ultimate 'ship in a bottle' concept piece...

What is destined to be a fully working gearbox right off of the machine! This model, complete with gear bushings, allows the gears to rotate to illustrate the conceptual ability for models to have some levels of function which is useful to clients.

Functional demo gearbox. Spin the big gear they all turn. Right off the machine after the dewaxing process.

Tire model complete with full tread pattern as completed and prior to dewaxing.

Sharpened image to show detail. Treads are separated and have depth. Inside of tire has banding showing steel belts. This is from the digital model. Whatever is in the digital model can be put in the physical "grow".

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