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Setup and First Projects

Here is the setup and first test runs of the machine illustrating simple initial capabilities

Shop setup. 3D Printer to the left is an enclosed cabinet although the machine is completely odor free during the builds. The machine itself contains a processor and hard drives for data storage, and is on our LAN (Local Area Network) backbone so that any computer can send data to it for building. To the right is the flat panel monitor and keyboard interface to the machine, and a crock pot next to that. The crock pot is the solvent pot, heated up to 55 Celsius and dissolves the wax off the build leaving the part itself.

Building three parts at once. In principle any number can be built. These parts are small parts, and were built during training to test the machine after arrival and setup. Two of the parts underway here are actually fashion rings being built layer by layer. After the print heads lay down their material the entire table, called the build plate, is lowered by the layer height and the process starts again until done.

Parts as they come off the machine. The blue plastic is visible in those areas where no support material was required. The purple support material encases the plastic and is soon to be dissolved away.

Final parts after solvent has dissolved the encasement support wax. Details as small as 1/10,000 can be placed on pieces! These pieces are considered very coarsely detailed for this machine and barely touches its capabilities, but it is interesting nonetheless to grow these for machine testing.

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