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SSN 23 USS Jimmy Carter

A few weeks ago from this writing [6-13-04] we were asked to build a USS Jimmy Carter for ceremonies surrounding the christening of the USS Jimmy Carter SSN23, the third and final boat of the Seawolf class. This boat is different from its sister boats, the USS Seawolf, and the USS Connecticut, in that it has an additional section inserted into the hull for special operations. The imagery provided here is illustrative of those design aspects of the Carter that are public domain. This model was created in a two week timeframe and is a highly accurate Seawolf class boat with a rendering of the new section inserted into it. This new section is visible through a clear section.

This model was used for illustration purposes with former President Jimmy Carter and his wife former first lady Rosalyn Carter at a reception after the Christening event. Rosalyn Carter was the sponsor of the boat and christened it.

Image showing the foward section of the boat and the transparent new section

See through section showing public release detail. For artistic purposes, the towed array casing was continued as a solid form over the clear cylinder. Detail inside appears rough but that is a reflection issue on the clear cylinder.


Entire boat overall

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