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The Makeover: Planet Models and Rockets

When an upscale restaurant in South Carolina wanted a makeover, we were asked to come up with a plan for making the restaurant, named Pizza Planet, look the part. This meant bringing together the design elements used in the interior construction of the building with a Solar System theme to make the dining experience memorable. Our large scale set of planets were created as full round and half-rounds so that some would hang from the ceiling while others would be protruding halfway out of the walls. We further added to the whimsical nature of the restaurant with rocket models in 'flight' in several places in the space above the diners' heads.

The Pizza Planet management left the interior placement and design to us, and the words of the owner upon completion of the installation summed it up: "I am well pleased" ...

The following images chronicle the installation and final appearance of the restaurant space.

Rockets prior to packing and transport

Panorama image showing all the planets ready for installation at the restaurant. The large acrylic hemispheres were created, and matched together, with heavy duty piping through the cores. There are hidden flanges on the bottom of each round planet that support it from the bottom as well as interior support that holds the piping fast inside at the top of each full planet.

Neptune going up. Support piping was painted the same color as the ceiling. This image is an overexposure to show ceiling detail. Note how bright the outside light appears. The ceiling is nearly invisible in normal lighting rendering the pipes nearly invisible. The planets simply appear to 'float' overhead.

Mars being attached to the wall. The half planets followed a yellow band on the walls. Kind of like a Cosmic yellow brick road.

Even the restaurant owner wanted in on the installation. He is the one on the scaffold at the top, Jupiter is 4' in diameter and is composed of many layers of color which provides depth effect to the visual presentation.

Mercury on the wall. Note the clear flange around the edge of the hemisphere. This was later painted to match the walls as was done with all flanged 'half' planets. The top part was matched yellow and the bottom, the beige. This was the final element that finished the installation nicely.

Saturn hoisted up. This planet, perhaps the prettiest of them all was later lit with dramatic lighting [see below] to accent the ring system

Mars finished and installed. Note the flange painted three different colors to match the wall. Unobtrusive but still visible. 4' diameter.

Venus similarly installed. 4' diameter

Saturn in finish lighting as seen from customer perspective

Earth in place with lighting. Note how oceans are reflective and land is not. One of the more dramatic planets, Earth was painted by Ed Miarecki who added his own special talent to bring Earth's full 3D drama to life. Our compliments to the master...

Another 'Miarecki', the Silver Rocket soars over diners' heads and seemingly over the Earth. This is more actual lighting. Note how the ceiling is nearly lost in the dark.

Planets all up! Mars and Venus are out of shot to the right, but (left to right0 visible are Neptune, Jupiter, Earth [wall], Uranus, and Saturn. The X-28 Silver Rocket is visible below and far behind Jupiter as well.

Saturn, Mars, and Venus in finish light.
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