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20000 Leagues Under The Sea Nautilus [continued]

On this page are many images of the final Nautilus model. For maintenance reasons, access to the model for lighting adjustments is made through the wheelhouse and clever use of high strength magnets which is our trademark. The forward hatch ahead of the Wheelhouse is actually a CLAMP and can be removed facilitating removal of the wheelhouse. The magnetic pull from below is so strong that the nose of the wheelhouse is held perfectly to the deck by this forward clamp alone. The wheelhouse-forward deck raker assembly is hinged at the wheelhouse and held magnetically forward so it just swings up as the wheelhouse is removed.

The images on this page show the Nautilus after final painting and where labeled show the model in TRUE-Light [or color corrected lighting] so the final paint finish with its many layers can be appreciated. The model was then photographed in a dramatic raking studio 'pretty' lighting which alters the final look but portrays the model in a deeper, warm light. This warmer lighting accentuates the sinister look of the on-board lighting and shows the rivet patterns nicely. Enjoy...

This semi-zoomed TRUE-Light image begins to show the complexity of the paint. The model sports up to 5 layers of paint, all various types of washes except for our secret formula basecoat which adds the depth to the paint that makes the model pop quite nicely!

Oxidation, slight trace of rust, metal sheen, all painstakingly applied provide an impression of a used, sea-borne vessel on this TRUE-Light. Appropriate wear marks were applied in 'crew' areas as expected.

Nautilus Propeller with classic patinas in this TRUE-Light image.

Wheelhouse and forward deck TRUE-Light image showing clamp hatch and finish.

Longboat and aft end of upper superstructre in TRUE-Light.

Another TRUE-Light view of the Longboat. yes the clamps are not on the long boat... Its a long story.

'Pretty Light' image accentuating the lighting.

'Pretty Light' Wheelhouse aft window looking in with Nautilus' own lighting illuminating such details as charts on the table. One is of Vulcania, Nemo's Island and home base.

More Nautilus Photos!
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