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20000 Leagues Under The Sea Nautilus

What more can be said of Nautilus? This Goff/Disney version, based on the kit by Custom Replicas, was our starting point. Our client asked FX Models to create a very detailed Nautilus with Wheelhouse and Salon interiors. The kit did not come with a salon interior... so we created it. Right down to the pillows and persian rugs. The scale of the model is 1/32, is fully lighted in both wheelhouse, salon, and externally. Kit for the Salon? Yeah... we are thinking about it...

NEW! Click here to see photos of the finished model!

This exposed wall view shows the aft end of the salon with details. The tables, chairs and organ were laser cut pieces with additions and refinements.

Exposed wall view showing center salon details. Specimen table is the scaled up laser cut version of our earlier table created for a slightly smaller version of Nautilus for another client.

Exposed wall view of forward end of salon. The desk on the right behind the fountain was lasercut as were the books and shelves for the books.

Salon overview. We did not detail the OPEN iris side of the walls since the model has only one open aperture. The viewing location would not permit looking into the port side window. Ed chose lighting that would accent the different areas dramatically and when the salon is all buttoned up the room looks spectacular... [see further below]

Model salon lit with its own internal lighting seen through the Starboard salon window. Pardon the low depth of field please...

Similarly, this shows the dramatic lighting on the fountain as seen through the Starboard salon window location.

This image shows to good effect the step runner rugs and background details. It feels like you could walk right into it.

One more view showing how the light plays off of the specimen table. Refracted colors in the bottles which are solid acrylic and polished, provide the look of fluid in the bottles. It is a very convincing effect.

Click here to see photos of the finished model!
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