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Nautilus Project

Once the model was finished, we took a large number of final photos prior to delivery. In order to get the model safely to Chicago, one of our own modelmakers decided it was best to drive it to Chicago himself. We did not disagree and the client was also in agreement that the extra cost was worth the investment. Once you see how the finished model looks you will nod your head in agreement!


This port side view shows how the weathering was completed and designed to follow natural water paths

This view was done in raking light to illustrate detail. Note the underside of the hatch detail. The boat has been mounted on its final hardwood base and simulated Victorian mounting.

Another raking light image to show wealth of detail. Note the mounting. The box with button allows for lights to be turned on and off. Also, the lights in the wheelhouse and salon are powered only by batteries! We used high longevity LED lighting to provide a low voltage, long lasting, safe light source for the model.

Although a little difficult to see, the Victorian couch is visible through the salon window, followed behind by the Specimen Table. Behind the Specimen Table is the gilded iris facade (ornate trim) around the far side iris leaflets. On the near side not very visible is the iris control arm and switch as it appeared in the movie.

The most imposing element of the model was the wheelhouse. Here the wheelhouse has been illuminated by a blend of colors, red and yellow, with separate greenish yellow lights above the wheelhouse in the overhead lights. A note on the colors chosen for wheelhouse colors...a little artistic license was employed with the wheelhouse for purposes of making the model a more attractive display.

This image was taken PRIOR to attachment of the wheelhouse to the final model. Weathering has not been done at this stage either. This shot illustrates how we created each component in a modular fashion. The wheelhouse is entirely separate from the salon in power requirements and lighting sources.

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