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Scale: 1/192


These images are meant to show the detail in the SSN 571 model. Note that the color scheme of this set of boats is set to be from one particular time in its history. Currently the boat is black but still sports the sail number and awards on the side of the sail. 

Low angle view looking aft


Starboard Side aft, looking forward. Note boat name on turtleback. Less

visible but still there are the 571 sail number and award letters on the sail.


Looking down forward, showing deck detailing, marker buoy cover and steel hatches on deck


Overall view looking aft illustrating the contrast between the modeled look of the wooden deck and the steel hatch covers found interspersed along the deck



The old with the new... sort of. This shot illustrates how Nautilus looked when it was

at sea (left) and its current look at the Nautilus Memorial Museum in Groton CT.



Detail image showing clarity of Sail detailing, bridge and decking. This image was taken

prior to adding sail numbers and award letters


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