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LPD-17 Take 2 Continued!

Additional shots of the finished model


Moving aft shows elements of the flight deck, and hangar bay just aft of the rear mast.


Closer view showing Helo Control windows, hangar doors and top deck detail including a RAM launcher (far right top), radar (central aft top), MK46 gun (above helo control station aft of metal exhaust stacks)


Stern High view showing the V22 Ospreys, lines of the flight deck (LPD-17 has no 'meatball' or red and white lines on the flight deck...its all white lined), safety nets, and side catwalks


Stern of the LPD-17 which has a large Stern Gate door which opens to allow the LCAC craft to embark/disembark


Stern Low showing notional propellers, rudders and aft details including elements of the catwalks on port and starboard flight deck. Also visible are the Nixie Bolsters (can you see them?) and viewing ports


Since Ed put lots of time into this with me I promised him I would recognize his work... so HERE HE IS!! Proudly admiring his efforts...

Matt too, here painting away while sick as a dog [dedication I tell you!!!] Another of our modelmakers, Brent, was there too along the way but he hid from the camera.


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