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LPD-17 Take 2 !

As part of a PMS-317 program office initiative, we have been commissioned to provide the LPD-17 models for use in the ceremonies, and events surrounding the construction and launching of 12 San Antonio Class ships, the first being LPD-17. These models, some of which will end up at the Pentagon, others of which will be touring in the home states of the named ships, represent a higher level of detail over the Northrop Grumman ships we created earlier in the month although they are in the same scale.

These models were created in 1/250 scale and are keel block mounted with an end mounted raised data plate. The San Antonio class ships will host a variety of aircraft and landing craft, such as the V-22 Osprey, CH-53 Helo, and the LCAC (Landing Craft - Air Cushion). In the following images, the clear cover was not installed.


Starboard View of overall model as mounted.


Oblique view as we get closer to the model


Starboard side showing rescue boat pocket in side, forward of the boat valley just aft


Closer view of boat valley showing RHIB boats, Knuckleboom crane and cradles


Moving forward along the Starboard side to show ECM systems, radomes, and radar with pilot house. Windows ARE staggered in the pilot house yes! The roof of the pilot house is gabled slightly which explains the odd looking placement of the windows


Bow view showing Pilot house windows better, and the bitts and things on the foc'sle

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