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USS San Antonio Class LPD-17

The LPD-17 Amphibious Assault ship is a pivotal platform that brings together a common vision as foreseen by the Navy and the Marine Corps. The ships in this class of which 12 are projected, will have the capability to meet this new vision with a variety of offensive/defensive capabilities.

We were asked to create several models of the LPD-17, some very highly detailed and some as notional models only where detail is spartan by desire.

The images below show these Notional, less detailed models.

Stay tuned for imagery of the very highly detailed LPD-17 ships soon!


LPD-17 Master during production. All details were assembled from plans and other information provided by the PMS-317 program office so accuracy could be assured.



Close up showing multilayer lasercut hatches [green]


Master pattern in foreground with first copy from molds behind. Hulls are epoxy-fiberglass


Finished pair of LPD-17 models in notional less detailed form. No weapons are present, no aircraft, or fine details show on these particular models but the next suite of 6 will contain much higher detail in two different scales.


Flight deck of the pair. The Helo/Osprey control station can be seen with dark windows on the upper left of the back face near the Hangar door location.


Bow views...

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