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ISO Shipping Container Models

FX Models has been asked to create a number of Shipping Container models. In one case, we constructed a model of a specially designed payload with the standard ISO shipping container that would carry it. The container is the only part of this project that we can show. A clear window on one side (not shown) of the ISO container allowed a view of the internal arrangement of the payload. This container is a fully operable container, containing hinged trailer doors at the end, and functionally capable corner fittings. For display purposes, the corner fittings were slightly enlarged to illustrate them more clearly.

The Model was fabricated after the Sea Box 20' x 8'6" Dry Freight ISO Container and was constructed in 1/13.87 scale. Odd scale was due to the established scale size of the payload. Construction was accomplished by CAD drawing the box first, and then lasercutting the pieces and assembling using solvents.

Another model [ the blue container below] was created for the US Coast Guard and is used for counter terrorism training. That particular model is even more complex and carries full detail right down to the smallest information data plate on the doors.

The Staff at FX Models would like to acknowledge and thank Sea Box, Inc for their wonderful support in the creation of this model. For your own real container needs contact Sea Box, Inc and let them help you!

Overhead 3/4 view of the completed box

Another view that also shows the logo. Note the corner fittings

Working doors are all part of the problem! Working door latches allow for a twist and pull up to open mechanism on each door. Through the crack in the top of the nearest door can be seen a bit of the clear window left in the acrylic panel for payload viewing. Payload is not within the box in this image.

Doors are in closed position, latches engaged. Doors are laser engraved and cut with extra bracing and latch detail added. Some liberty was taken to make the box approximate and not 100% accurate.

This shipping container was for the US Coast Guard and features more detail than the Seabox container

Another view showing the opened trailer doors

During construction. Frames were white acrylic, sides clear acrylic. Styrene was used to make the ribbed structure of the walls and ends

Here the ISO Container is on its side and the bottom is shown to reveal the structural members underneath. This is a combination of acrylic and styrene. The model ended up being quite strong when completed able to take the weight of a small child standing on it. Uh....no, we did not try a grown child....[grin]

Cutting the Seabox logo on the laser cutter.

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