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DSRV Mystic [continued]

(1/24 scale Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle)


This page shows more imagery of the DSRV Mystic during final painting. Many techniques are being used to show detail. Since Mystic is covered with fiberglass panels that are somewhat translucent, the finish on the hull needs to look similarly translucent. We accomplished this by painting a base coat of bright white first, and then a thinned green that had a slight sheen to it. The result is that the panels look like semi-translucent fiberglass. Then each of the rivets were 'brightened' by burnishing which made them pop out very nicely. A number of subtle different shades of green as on the real vehicle make the model far more realistic as well. Very convincing!

Overall view of parts. At extreme top is main hull as yet unpainted in this image, the forward and aft sections of the hull, splitter keel and sail, side saddles and prop shroud. sphere is at upper left off of the display board.


Stern [foreground] and bow sections. Green simulated fiberglass and non skid deck coatings are evident. Rivets are as real as it can get! At rear left is white prop shroud with prop resting in it.


Sail with details and sheet showing Deep Submergence logos that will be placed on the model.


Forward section showing rivet detail, bow sonar dome [not glued in place yet] with clear light lens cover and multitone greens. Circular thruster wells will be black, and circular panels will be dark green.


Stern section with prop sitting in place. Prop shroud is just out of shot but is complete and ready for installation.

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