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DSRV Mystic

(1/24 scale Navy Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle)

Continuing with our love of deep diving submersibles and submarines such as NR-1, the FX Models staff created this highly accurate model of the NAVY Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle, the Mystic, for a client that is similarly veined and who enjoys these craft as much as we do. This page shows some details of the master pattern prior to molding. Many of the finer details are not on the model in these images as the master parts were put together simply for photography.

The model is 24" long, 4" in diameter and is a very imposing display model with its intricate detail.

More finished and progress photos of the model are available by clicking the link just below.


Port Side view of the model. There are at least 1000 separately placed rivets on the model!


Starboard side view looking aft. Prop shroud is lying flat at the back end of the model


Starboard side view showing the 'sail' at the top, the side saddle covers, the hatch sphere at the bottom, and the splitter keel aft of the sphere. Note the rivet pattern complexity. For those in the know, yes, the splitter keel is incomplete in this image!


Overall separate parts. In this image are the propellor shroud, sphere, splitter keel, side saddle covers (pair, center), steel bolt ring, vectored prop mount, sail, and main body off to right


Stern Rivet detail. The triangular patterns are placeholders molded into the master for later placement of fine non-skid deck material


Missile or Submarine!?!? The model is standing up for fitting of the bow section to the constant diameter section below it.


We created a 3D model of the DSRV Mystic prior to building the detail into the master pattern. This view shows the stern detail layers.

Finished model Images will be here soon!
Click here to see imagery of Model during final painting!
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